Health Risk Assessments, Preventive Care, and Post-Acute Care

Hoolime helps Medicare Advantage Plans, IPAs, ACOs, MLTCs, Home Health Care Agencies, and other health care delivery organizations engage with their member population through in-home clinician visits, telehealth, and remote patient monitoring.

How it works

Hoolime partners with MCOs, ACOs, IPAs, and other caregiving provider organizations who have a clinicians’ network and they send clinicians into their patients’ homes.

Our goal is to serve our clients as a trusted partner in helping improve outcomes.

Health Risk Assessments

The end-to-end solution lets the care coordinators manage a the clinicians' network to perform health risk assessments or ADL/IADL screenings remotely or in-home

SDoH Risk Stratification

Mobilize community healthcare workers to collect social determinants information on your member population to develop and execute relevant care plans

Preventive Care

Patient engagement, in-home assessments, ADL/IADL screenings, customized care plans, and omnichannel follow-up cadence to support each patient’s unique needs

Post-Acute Care

Home healthcare agencies combine in-home care, telehealth, and remote patient monitoring to collect data and deliver care. Care managers automate the tasks workflow for nurses, therapists, or home health aides based on the diagnosis and care plan

Learn how Hoolime can leverage data and analytics to improve member engagement while reducing overall costs.

Value for All Stakeholders

For Caregivers

  • Access clinicians’ availability real-time
  • Timeline showing all member engagement touchpoints
  • Automated scheduling, digitized care plans, and followup cadence

For MCOs Administrators

  • Data visualization for strategic decision making
  • Advanced analytics and customized reports
  • Track and measure patient outcomes

For Clinicians

  • Flexible schedule with 100% control: maintain real-time preferences (time & geo) and requirements in a mobile app
  • AI-driven scheduling and route-optimization will minimize travel time between visits
  • Digital documentation and in-app communication. No more phone calls, emails or text messages


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